List of Speakers on Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia

Our Learning Disabled Speakers Are Learning Disabled Themselves

How can you help? You can send a tax-deductible contribution. With every contribution over $30 you will receive a gift of a cassette tape. On the tape is useful information, regarding speaking about learning disabilities. Please mail your check or money order to:

GLP - Speaking Info 

10E 135th Street #48151, Kansas City, MO 64145-9998

Or you can sponsor a speaker. We have two outstanding speakers that we can send out to any location to speak to a group. By sponsoring a speaker, you help to educate the public, while you receive a tax deduction. How? E-mail, mail or call GLP for more information.

Call: 816-803-4679

Mail: GLP - Speaking Info, 10E 135th Street #48151, Kansas City, MO 64145-9998
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