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GLP's  Free Educational Software Project 

Proposed Project

The crux of the Gifted Learning Project's Free Educational Software  Project is the combination of balanced reading instruction (establishing language arts skills and linguistics tools) with biographical studies of a wide array of Americans with learning disabilities. The GLP introduces students to inspirational stories of how various celebrities with learning disabilities  used their strengths to become highly successful in their fields. Students will study vignettes of Americans, such as  Thomas Alva Edison, George Washington, "Magic" Johnson, Greg Louganis, Harry Belafonte, Erma Bombeck, Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg, and others. A study of these people’s learning disabilities will show how they used their strengths to achieve their life goals. Children will see they are not alone in their struggles with certain aspects of school, particularly when they encounter a celebrity sharing their own interests and talents, whether it be sports, music, acting, writing, inventing, or whatever.

Project Goals

  1. To reduce potential for reading failure in students identified with learning disabilities.
  2. To enrich the social studies and English language arts curriculums for elementary students.
  3. To disseminate GLP software to the general public and to those with concerns, regarding learning disabilities.

As you can see, the software promises to offer a ground-breaking approach toward learning disability (LD) education, making a national and, eventually, a global impact on LD students. Perhaps most importantly, children will see they are not alone in their struggles with certain aspects of school, particularly when they encounter a profile of a celebrity sharing their own interests and talents. We think it’s a letter-perfect fit of a goal to promote child and youth development: to help provide children and young people with the knowledge, skills, values, and emotional well-being they need to succeed and to enjoy school and life.

Why Software?

 Project Status
  We are developing a flow chart. We are, also, working on funding to reduce the end-cost of our free, educational software. We are targeting the project's completion date for January 7, 2008.

 If you would like to help support this project, please send the GLP a tax-deductible gift. Any amount that you can spare to donate will help! Please send your check or money order to:

Gifted Learning Project

-- Software Project --

10E 135th Street #48151, Kansas City, MO 64145-9998

Our Organization's History

The Gifted Learning Project is still a young organization, full of life, drive, and vision to help the public to better understand learning disabilities. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization created for people with learning disabilities, started and operated by people with learning disabilities or whom have immediate family members with learning disabilities. We receive no pay for being on the board. We are dedicated to do this work because we listen to our hearts and understand what it’s like to have a learning disability. The Gifted Learning Project website is located at

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