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 Penetrate the Future & Provide Hope through Our Scholarship Program! 

Our D.A.R.T. Program's Target

  1 in 7 students in Kansas City ’s metro area elementary school systems are failing behind in read and never read better than 4th grade level.

 Thirty thousand adults in  Kansas City ’s metro area can’t read and the number is growing with each graduating high school class!

98 percent of students drop out of school, due to their frustration of inadequate reading speed or comprehension.

75 percent of the inmates in our penal systems have a learning disability.

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Who Our D.A.R.T. Program Helps

Children, such as the following story about Sam, benefit immensely from our D.A.R.T. Program. Sam was seven years old and in the 1st-grade. He didn't know his sounds, during Christmas 2003. Then he began "tracking and using three blocks," and by the summer of 2004, he knew his sounds. That's when life began to get better for Sam!

His mom is a chaplain for a hospice. Sam’s parents do children's ministry and music. They adopted Sam and have three other children, as well. His mother's income is through their church; otherwise, she's home with the children. Sam’s dad was out of work for several months the previous year, but our scholarship program allowed Sam to receive free D.A.R.T. Program education.

Sam was schooled each week, Monday through Thursday, for one-half hour each day. The cost of a daily session is $15, which is low compared to national fees, but Sam’s family still could not afford this cost, due to their circumstances.

Without our D.A.R.T. Program, Sam would have missed learning how to read and write, and he would have missed out on life, in general.

However, thanks to D.A.R.T., within a couple of months, Sam's life changed for the better--and changed his life!

    Adults, such as the following story about Sherri, also benefit greatly from our D.A.R.T. Program. Sherri was looking to improve her life, go after her dreams and overcome her dyslexia by learning how to fully read and write. She grew by leaps and bounds each week, during the summer, thanks to the support of D.A.R.T.

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 What Works …

By using our students' gifts to overcome their difficulties and a highly trained, established professional company with more than 20 years of experience, our D.A.R.T. Program teaches individuals by using a proven multi-sensory phonics system.

 Who We Are …

The Gifted Learning Project is a not-for-profit group that supports reading services, library resources, and media presentations related to specific reading needs. By matching individual contributors to specific students, or student groups, YOU can provide educational support to an individual student, a classroom, an adult, a GED program participant, or another recommended reader.  Accountability and updates about “your” student’s progress will be made available on a regular basis. Financial support can include contributions monthly, yearly, or as a single, one-time-only contribution!

The Gifted Learning Project's D.A.R.T. Program Needs Your Support to Continue to Do Good Work …

Our D.A.R.T. Program has more students waiting to enroll, than for whom we have funds available.  Please help!

You may support  D.A.R.T. with your tax-deductible contributions, by using a personal check, a money order, or a PayPal or a Network for Good credit card.  

Please Mail Your Check or Money Order to: 

The Gifted Learning Project

D.A.R.T. Program  

PO Box 7003

Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

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  Your support of the DART program will change the future for someone!  

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