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The Gifted Learning Project has sponsored volunteers as well contributed resources and towards the goal of helping adults and children with learning disabilities be successful and succeed. GLP means the Gifted Learning Project

(NEW) The Gifted Learning Project (GLP) is pleased to announce it recently received a grant for its newest children's program, "Meet Me in the Garden," from the University of Minnesota Northwest Foundation. With this Grant, we helped over 400 children. GLP's garden is located on Lee Thomas Farm (www.seethefarm.com)  

The GLP's "Meet Me in the Garden" program educates as it provides fresh produce for families, senior citizens, and the community. Day on the Farm


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Junior Master Gardening-The Gifted Learning Project provides a volunteer master gardener to train 10 junior master gardeners in Spanish. The children had hands on learning through Texas A and M curriculum. The students once certified junior master gardeners taught another 8 classrooms in Spanish classrooms. Over 260 children participated on hands on learning. There was a much greater comprehension of science, and language arts of student participating in this program.
Science Friday - A free program for children after school that discovers science in interactive media. Students participating in this program and a much higher percent of comprehension, and feedback form teachers were very positive. Some children were a high-risk group. Minority participation rate was 95%.
Community Service Project  - Happy Feet is youth charity that provides tennis shoes for children in need. Along with the Kiwanis K-builders after school group GLP volunteers provide volunteers, resource to provide over 300 children with tennis shoes. The children in this activity donated over 300 hours toward the project and raised over 3000.00 of in-kind shoes and funds to provide tennis shoes to homeless shelter and children in need. Minority and LD rate was 90%. 30 % rate of New American students.
Summer Garden Project-  Three years of youth gardens. Youth (60% with LD) planted heirloom plants, harvested and had training for Junior Master Gardening Project. Children worked with adults in environmental study- (will be published in the youth conservation magazine in 2006) planted over 1000 trees for field study. Every one child gardening feed 10 others. Over 2000 pounds of tomatoes yearly were produced. Donation was given to families in need-feeding over 250 people.
On Angels's Wings a non-profit for children with disabilities that provides physical therapy working with horses. The  GLP works with this groups and provides staff, support and educational resources for children that participate horse therapy summer program.  The children with disabilities are provided educational opportunities by lenaring hands on . The children also have physical therapywith volunteer physical therapists and special education teachers. Over 80 children participate with weekly visits.
Provided educational software and support to: Horizon school, Moorhead School district, Lisbon, ND school district, Downs support group, Home school groups, Glyndon, Minnesota after school programs. University of Minnesota 4H groups, Halstad, Minnesota School district. Head Start program.

Speakers Bureau- The GLP has provided hundreds of events for speakers to inform and provide support to parents, adults and children with learning differences.

---  Current Projects

  • 2. Develop tools for people with learning disabilities. 
    • Developing a software program to use the gifts of the individual to understand the English language. -- More on this project. click here
    • New - See-Write Glasses / Dyslexia Glasses -  Click Here!
  • 3. Approve and provide resources for parents, schools and teachers. Help on Dyslexia and LD.
    • Developing a list of approved resources and groups for libraries, schools and parents. Current approved resources and products. List of Help on Dyslexia and LD -  Click Here  
    • 100% completed donating resources to public libraries.  More on this project. click here
  • 4. Having successful individuals speak to groups, school classes and teachers. 
  • 5. D.A.R.T. (Develop A Reading Talent) Scholarship Program.
  • 6. Developed New low cost Dyslexia Filter Glasses

Future  Project.

  1. Developing a software program to use the gifts of the individual to understand the English language. -- More on this project. click here
  2. Educational scholarships for people with learning disabilities. -- More on this project. click here
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