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Why a movie on dyslexia?
This is one of our most important projects, many of the board members have a learning disability!
So, to answer the question, " Why this movie?" our response is that we want to help and inform on a larger scale. We plan on entering the film in film festivals, hopefully win awards and get national attention. The movie would not be short lived, after reaching the TV, film festivals and theaters, the film will have a second long-lived life of helping countless people with the timeless topic of dyslexia in an entertaining format. We estimate the film being view by schools, learning disability groups, public libraries, and people with learning disabilities and parents countless times. Just think, in the classes are tomorrow's leaders or troubled teens and with your help we could help them to be leaders and not troubled teens by giving the greatest gift of all, hope and understanding.

So again, To learn you must use your gifts, and so we ask for your gifted of a donation to help other.
moive on dyslexia
Dyslexia My Life The movie is biased on DT publishing best selling book "Dyslexia My Life".. - Buy the book or book on tape from GLP and the movie project gets 50% of the proceeds.

Click here for GLP's store to obtain you copy today!

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Project Status:
Date of Completion.
  • Script 3/28/05 - completed - The script was rewrote by one of the top Hollywood script writers.
    Esther Luttrell!
    We are pleased to have Esther Luttrell helping us re-write the script. Website:

  • UPDATE - Current Status as of 3/28/05 - A professional film budget is being prepared by a top rate Producer/ Director Paul Sirmons - To read more about Mr. Sirmons visit:

  • Recording of CD on Script for Fundraising 4/15/05 -
  • Fundraising Begging 4/20/05
  • Pre Production 9/20/05
  • Production/Filming 1/21/06
  • Post Production editing 10/30/06
  • Screening Year 2006 - enter Film Festal
  • Donation/mailing film to Libraries and Schools. Year 2008

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Project Budget
UPDATE - Current Status as of 4/27/05 - A professional film budget is being prepared by a top rate Producer/ Director Paul Sirmons - To read more about Mr. Sirmons visit:

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moive on dyslexiaIf you would like to help support this project:
Note: Whichever you pick, the project status is tax deductible.
Also Note
: 100% of all funding collected for this project are tracked and only spent on the project, no funds are used for overhead or operational expenses.

Donation and get a Tax Break from the I.R.S. and do some real good with your money. GLP is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) tax deductible Or or Credit Card holders:

moive on dyslexia

or Donate at PayPal

Also as special thanks for your involvement in the dream, we keep you updated on the status of our project by e-mail (if you wish). We feel that this is the least we can do for your help and support. You might want to know some of the other that have donated : Bruce Jenner, Dan Aykroyd, The group Kutless, Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, Steven King and Jennifer Aniston.
Note: All donations are sickly confidential unless other wise specified

Levels of donors
Directors Club Only 10 spots
$50,000 +
Appropriate Tax Deduction
Script on CD

Ticket for Movie Premiere

Speical promotional package

Recognition in Ending Movie Credits. (If you wish)


Note: We reserve the right to reject any group's name that might harm the "good" public opinion of the movie or offend any other group. Also after the credits display, supporting celebrity's credit will display for supporting celebrities and already we have such names as Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. We have worked hard to bridge the gap and anticipate receiving grants and donations from private sector sources, banks, foundations and private donors. Because we are a not for profit, we are planning on 'gift in kind' work from the actors and local talent. The film would shoot in Kansas city. Note: 100% percentage of funds will be used toward program expenses and 0% percentage of requested funds that will be used toward operational expenses.
Send check or money order to:

GLP- Movie10E 135th Street #48151, Kansas City, MO 64145-9998

or Credit Card holders:
moive on dyslexia

Note: Please include your return address when mailing check or money order, so we can mail a receipt for your tax records.
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Movie bio: Log line and Synopsis
Dyslexia, our lives
Web Site: Web page:

By Love and Grace

(working title)

by Esther Luttrell

Genre: Contemporary Drama

An exceptional glimpse into the world of those who endure the challenges of a learning disability called dyslexia.

A young man's struggle to prove to the world, to his family, and to himself, that he is more than his limitations. Narrowly avoiding being institutionalized, his challenges have more to do with a lack of understanding dyslexia on the part of educators and others around him than a reflection of his merit. A valiant story that takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs and leaves them rejoicing over victories won against almost impossible odds."

Dyslexia My Life The movie is biased on DT publishing best selling book "Dyslexia My Life".. - Buy the book now from GLP and the movie project gets 50% of the proceeds.
Click here for GLP's store.

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The Gifted Learning Project

 The Gifted Learning Project, PO Box 481551, Kansas City, MO 64148-1551 


Address: GLP, 10E 135th Street #48151, Kansas City, MO 64145-9998
Web Site:

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moive on dyslexiaQualifications of those who will be engaged in the project:

- Exec Producer, Project Manager & Film Festal entry/ Marketing Person Esther Luttrell.
- Exec Producer Assistant, Script Writers & Fund/Grant Writer
Being dyslexic and understanding it, disability motivational speaker to classes and Fortune 500 Corporations. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including Fox News and also been featured in business and parenting publications. Authored the DT Publishing's best selling autobiographic book, DYSLEXIA MY LIFE. The book won teacher's pick award. Guest/keynote speaker at the Internal, state and regional learning disability conferences. Guest speaker for countless Teacher workshops and classroom discussions from small rural schools to Notre Dame. Winner of the Ronald E. Weger award for public awareness of dyslexia. member for Kansas/Western Missouri Branch of Internal Dyslexia Association and President of the board and co-founder for The Gifted Learning Project both (501(c)3) organization. consultant for a worldwide organization and moonlights as a professional model and actor for companies such as Levi Jeans and Anheuser-Busch Inc.
- Administrative Assistant & Marketing (Sherri Kerie)
- Sherri Kerie as achieved top 1% as a sales representative for one of the top 2 pharmaceutical companies for 2 years running. Sherri is a results oriented person with a strong background in organizational excellence demonstrated through continuous improvement modeling in organizational development.
- Web Master/Developer/Web Hosting (Don Arnold)
- Don Arnold, as a Microsoft certified engineer, he has developed award winning web sites from small to large companies.
- Project Accountant (Jeff Gross) The Gifted Learning Project treasure and also dyslexic.
- 1 Camera person (not selected yet), 2 Grips and 1 Assist Director (not selected yet), 3 PA's, 1 Makeup, 1 Script Person, 1 Sound Person, Producer, Director (not selected yet)

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